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            Full Size Custom Cookie:   Starting $70 per dozen.  Additional fee for gold, rose gold or silver.  Approximately 3.5". Individually packaged.  Maximum 4 designs for one dozen, up                to eight designs for 2 dozen.  Order minimum: One dozen for local pickup and two dozen to ship.  Can add on minis by the dozen. 


            Minis by the dozen - as add on to full size only:    Starting $24 per dozen. Additional fee for gold, rose gold or silver. Approximately 1.5 to 2" with an average of 4 colors.  One

           design per dozen or 5 designs for 4 dozen or more.  Not individually packaged. 


           Minis packs of 3 cookies tied with ribbons:   Three cookies bagged and tied with ribbon.  Starting at $7 per pack. Three designs for 12 packs, Six designs for 24 packs.  Additional                 fee for gold, rose gold or silver.        Order minimum: One dozen for local pickup and two dozen to ship.  


           Cookie Cakes:  Local pickup only.  Average $50.   Includes center large cookie and six minis. Available favors: Chocolate Chip, Birthday cake, Salted   

          Butterscotch, dark chocolate.  Cookie cakes are not sealed.  Please serve within 24 hours.  


           Cake Pops:   Local pickup only.  Starting $3.50.  Available flavors: Vanilla, Funfetti, Chocolate.  One dozen minimum per flavor

           Krispy Rice bites:  36 bites sizes $60.  With Oreo or animal cookies $65.  Not individually packaged.  Also have an option of 16 full size for the same price individually                                    packaged.

          Trays of brownies and bars available.  Please visit click & Buy Items tab or contact us for other options. 



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