Full size - Approximately 4" Individually packaged
Starting price: $60 per dozen. Additional fees for gold, silver, rose gold and ribbons

Decorated with Royal Icing. 

Minimum 1 dozen for local pickup. Two dozens to ship

Maximum 4 designs for one dozen.  Six to 7 designs for two dozens. 

Assortment -30 various sizes Not individually packaged
Average $110. Additional fee for gold, silver or rose gold details

Minimum 1 order to ship

Minis by the dozen Approximately 1.5" to 2" Not individually packaged
Starting price: $20 per dozen - Additional fee for gold, silver or rose gold details.

Minimum 4 dozen for locals, 5 dozen to ship

Up to 6 designs, 3 to 4 colors


Mini Cookies Favors- 3 cookies tied with ribbons
Starting price $6 per bag - Additional fee for detailed designs, gold or silver

Minimum 12 packs for local and 24 packs to ship

Three designs for 12 bags. Up to 6 designs for 2 dozens.

Cookie Cake
$45 - Additional fee for certain designs or edible images

12+ servings. 

Includes one large center Sugar cookie & 6 minis (2-3 designs). Buttercream icing border.



Cake Pops
Starting price: $3.25

Minimum 1 dozen per design and flavor.

 Cake Flavors: Vanilla, Funfetti, Chocolate, Lemon poppy seed, red velvet

(One flavor per dozen)

Rice Krispy Treats (36 pieces)
$45 with sprinkles, $50 with Oreos or Animal Cookies