Ice Cream Cakes - Temporary item! Offered through April 30, 2020

4" inch $30 (one center cookie), 6" $45 (1 large topper & 3 mini cookies), 8" $55 (1 large topper & 4 minis)

No Longer offered. 

Cake: Vanilla or Chocolate (no filling)

Ice cream: Cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, cotton candy, mint chocolate chip or birthday cake (based on availability) 

Full size (approx 4") - Custom Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

Starting @ $4.25 each - Minimum two dozens to ship. Choose up to 6 designs. Additional fee for gold, silver or rose gold details.

Each cookie is individually wrapped and heat sealed.   Additional $5 per dozen to tie with ribbon.

Two dozen Minimum.

Cookie Assortment

Starting price: $90. Additional fee for gold, silver or rose gold details

30 cookies in various sizes!

Includes one center large cookie, full size, medium and mini cookies (between 1.5"-5")  Variety of designs & Colors to match your theme or party  décor. (Age, name or logo) Maximum of 8 detailed designs/characters. 


Mini Cookies

Starting @ $16 per dozen - Minimum 5 dozens to ship. Additional fee for gold, silver or rose gold details.

Up to 6 designs per set/theme. 3-4 colors. No detailed character faces. Sizes 1.5-2". 


Five dozen minimum

Mini Cookie Favors

Starting @ $4.50 + per bag ($4.25 + without ribbon) - Additional fee for detailed designs or gold/sivler brushing. Minimum two dozens to ship.

Three cookies per bags.  

Choose 3-6 designs. 

Minimum 24 bags. 

Large Cookie Cake

$40 - Editional fee for pictures/edible images

12+ servings. 

Includes one large center Sugar cookie & 6 minis (2-3 designs for minis). Buttercream icing border.


Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Birthday cake, dark chocolate sea salt, snickerdoodle


Cake Pops

$3.00 to $4.50 each

Minimum 1 dozen

Cake Flavors: Vanilla, Funfetti, Chocolate, Lemon poppy seed, red velvet

(One flavor per dozen)

Rice Krispy Treats (36 pieces)

$40 with sprinkles, $45 with Oreos or Animal Cookies

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