Ice Cream Cakes - Temporary item! Offered through April 30, 2020

4" inch $30 (one center cookie), 6" $45 (1 large topper & 3 mini cookies), 8" $55 (1 large topper & 4 minis)

Cake: Vanilla or Chocolate (no filling)

Ice cream: Cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, cotton candy, mint chocolate chip or birthday cake (based on availability) 

Full size (approx 4") - Custom Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

$4.25+ each - Minimum two dozens. Choose up to 6 designs. Additional fee for gold, silver or rose gold details.

Each cookie is individually wrapped and heat sealed.   Additional $5 per dozen to tie with ribbon.

Two dozen Minimum.

Cookie Assortment

$90+ - Some designs slightly higher. Additional fees for gold, silver or rose gold details

30 cookies in various sizes!

Includes one center large cookie, full size, medium and mini cookies (between 1.5"-5")  Variety of designs & Colors to match your theme or party  décor. (Age, name or logo) Maximum of 8 detailed designs/characters. 


Mini Cookies

$16+ per dozen - Additional fee for gold, silver or rose gold details.

up to 6 designs per set/theme. 3-4 colors. No detailed character faces. Sizes 1.5-2". 


Five dozen minimum

Mini Cookie Favors

$4.50 per bag - ($4.25 without ribbon)

3 mini cookies sealed in bags.  

Choose 3-6 designs. 

Minimum 24 bags. 

Large Cookie Cake


12+ servings. 

Includes one large center Sugar cookie & 6 minis (2-3 designs for minis). Buttercream icing border.


Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Birthday cake, dark chocolate sea salt, snickerdoodle


Cake Pops

$3.00 to $4.50 each

Minimum 1 dozen

Cake Flavors: Vanilla, Funfetti, Chocolate, Lemon poppy seed, red velvet

(One flavor per dozen)

Rice Krispy Treats (36 pieces)

$40 with sprinkles, $45 with Oreos or Animal Cookies

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